• Smart Renewal Booklet

Smart Renewal Booklet


Antioxidant support from the most bioavailable source to protect body system from the ravages of free radicals.

36 full-color pages detailing the proprietary ingredients that make Vasayo Renewal uniquely effective, surpassing other supplements for supporting joint and tissue health throughout all age groups. Covers a wide-range of topics from aging and prevention to actually turning back the clock and supporting the healthiest joints and tissues. Describes in detail the proprietary delivery system and educates new Brand Partners and customers alike. Contains the scientific studies and references for further study to help educate everyone you know.

Whether you want to gift these to a potential Partner/customer, or conduct an educational class, these booklets describe not only the Vasayo Proprietary Difference (the liposome delivery system), but also why each ingredient is included in the formula. Buy in bulk for greatest savings, and build the confidence you need to share education!